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Like our one-off designs, our editions furniture is handcrafted from wood with unique stories, shared through traditional joinery and a considered modern aesthetic. Limited edition collections revolve around the wood from a single tree, a design which capitalizes on the idiosyncrasies of the given material and, out of necessity, will only be available in a finite quantity dictated by material and design. For our open-ended editions, we highlight our responsible wood in conversation with other materials—fabric, mirror, natural metals—exploring the strengths and particularities of each.

We hope to create the types of pieces necessary for a functional space, with a focus on unusual, story-telling materials and design with attention to time-tested construction and surface techniques.



The balance between form and function becomes one of the essential questions we ask ourselves as we create one-off designs that are centered around the quixotic details of wood. 

From time to time, we find that a particular piece of wood or a particular design gesture—one we have not had the chance to employ on a bespoke piece or translate through sculpture—calls out to be rendered as a functional object. These occasional pieces become our one-of-a-kind furniture and find their way here, where, they are able to be hand delivered or shipped out immediately. Please inquire for shipping cost on your location. 



Weaving, inverting, bookmatching, layering and framing become an act of contemplation in Michael’s art. His distinct bodies of sculpture are tied together through the essential act of questioning our human relationships with the natural world: the damage we’ve done, the history we forget, the beauty we overlook. Through the manipulation and framing of wood, he addresses these losses, and in binding them together readjusts our eyes to perceive the multi-faceted nature of this material: the trees which grow, which once grew.

When seen as a whole, Michael’s body of work gathers individual compositions in conversation, each recontextualizing a material, a thought, with a single overarching concern.

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