19" W x  26" H x 30" D

Bourbon Barrel White Oak, Brass

Edition of 10. Reuse, reexamined. Our limited edition furniture is always handcrafted from wood with unique stories, but Pappy Van Winkle’s White Oak barrel staves are a wood story unlike any other. Each fluid curve, each narrow width, each amber stain and bourbon soaked char became a joy and a challenge; our three designs for Louisville, Kentucky, based Pappy & Co come out of an attentive conversation between that history of use and the language of modern, fine furniture.

Three essential barrel idiosyncrasies—shape, scale and color—are here preserved. Each of the full length elegant, curved staves culminates with an original notched end, which would have fitted snugly to the barrel head; while the outside of each stave is golden Oak, the barrel’s original interior surface char remains, providing a deep juxtaposition with bright unlaquered brass. The 15 low, crossed staves—with 8 feet of solid brass traditionally pinned in place binding them together—allow for comfort and flex in both indoor and outdoor settings. This foldable design is graphic in stripes of black and brass when hanging from the wall.

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