6 1/2" W x 8" H x 1/2" D

Black Walnut, Brass, Mirror

Edition open-ended. Our Walnut Porthole Mirrors, available here in the smaller circular shape, celebrate the nature of bookmatched wood, the joining which generates a mirroring, doubling effect on the undulating form of wood grain. The mind’s eye creates feathers and butterflies and hypnotic eyes in the patterns of the Walnut.

The solid brass arc hardware is all handmade in our workshop, so that each bend is rounded and tailored to the mirror it is affixed to. Over time, as you swing the brass arc to hang it, to hold it and to rest it atop a table, a lovely patina of use will develop on the unlacquered metal.

For a moment of contemplation with a Walnut bookmatched art panel, we suggest hanging the reverse side forward occasionally.


This mirror is available to ship immediately. You can also commission a similar piece, bespoke for your space.