18" W x 20" H x 14 1/2" D

Chestnut Oak, Black Walnut

Edition of 8. Each Chestnut Oak case is comprised of an inch thick single board, which, with mitered corners, wraps around each piece. Every knot and whorl is carefully considered as we select the orientation of the board given the scale of the design. Hand-turned and tapered legs and drawer pull in deepest Black Walnut compliment the warmth of the Oak. Use a pair along side of the bed or one next to your favorite reading chair 


This end table is built to order. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for completion. You can also commission a similar piece, bespoke for your space. 


Quercus prinus. Perched over the Potomac, two sisters built twin houses, one in red brick and the other in white. Around them and between them was grove of Chestnut Oaks. The passing years have taken a toll on those trees, and the landscape no longer looks quite the same as it did in the 1930s when the two sisters had their architect draw illustrations of the houses and the land in which they were settled. My parents owned one of those twin houses. And when one of the last of those giant Chestnut Oaks began to die, we were their first call.