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66" W x 20" H x 60" D

Live Oak Branch, Mahogany, Glass


In the Carolinas life happens around Live Oaks, from the much photographed Angel Oak to the more common, smaller, but no less magnificent, examples. Spanish moss hangs gracefully from its limbs. Marriages are celebrated by candlelight under its bows. A child’s first arboreal ascent: climbing graceful arches of wood, scraping knees and scaring knuckles on its rough bark. And as a piece of history: used in the construction of our country’s first naval fleet, back when each masted frigate required upwards of a thousand Live Oaks to form its notoriously impenetrable hull, the incredible strength of its interlocked grain and natural gentle curves meant it seemed designed for the needs of the shipwright.  

This branch has its own family history to honor. In a friend’s garden, bounded by the harbor’s waters, stone carvings nestle amongst a grove of these majestic, swooping trees. Out of this magical landscape comes our unique Live Oak branch. We have cradled the rambling, projecting arms of this lichen clad limb in crisp, tapered angles of Mahogany and topped it with a thick, puddle shaped slab of glass. The architectural base remains in juxtaposition with the natural shape of outstretched ropes of wood. 

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