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12" W x 21" H x 12" D

Bourbon Barrel White Oak, Brass, Paper Shade


Edition of 20. Reuse, reexamined. Our limited edition furniture is always handcrafted from wood with unique stories, but Pappy Van Winkle’s White Oak barrel staves are a wood story unlike any other. Each fluid curve, each narrow width, each amber stain and bourbon soaked char became a joy and a challenge; our three designs for Louisville, Kentucky, based Pappy & Co come out of an attentive conversation between that history of use and the language of modern, fine furniture. 

With wood, a design can often manifest itself only once we begin to work closely with that specific material. Here, as we began to experiment with flattening out the widest barrel staves, a pattern emerged; because of the inherent curve of the material, as we remove thin layer after layer of wood on the outer edges of the charred surface you are left with a swath of black, more black remembered: sometimes looking as ephemeral as smoke, while others take on the elongated ovoid of a flame. Columns of Pappy’s Oak, each with mitered corners, are capped with quarter inch solid unlacquered brass. Brass fittings echo the gold foil lined custom, Kentucky-made, matte black paper shades. 

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