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Things I've Found, Things That Have Found Me

Things has manifested as an ever growing collection of works, nicknamed Lignum Novis which roughly translates to unique or odd wood. Each piece, though presented in the same Cherry framed format, is a combination of exploration, adaptation, simple surprise and adoration of the characteristics of wood. Through framing, curious moments of arboreal happenstance are set apart. Whether it is painstakingly carving a rounded band out of a single block of Cherry, finding pleasing shape and design in lightning struck Poplar or simply being awed by the traces of new limb growth left encased in the grain of an old Chestnut Oak, each piece has both been found and found me.



12" W x 12" H x 2 3/4" D

Lightning Struck Poplar, Cherry 


The lightning struck branches of this Poplar came to Michael via an old friend and former professor. The unique pale white and light mossy green color already inherent in Poplar contrasted with the char of a lightning strike has intrigued us for years. This first piece created with the wood is driven by the contrast of natural lines and human made lines; the shapes we make, the shapes nature makes and the tension between them.


The sculpture is mounted to the artist-made Cherry frame and set off against a background of deep, matte black paint. To date, seven Things have been created by Michael; see all the series pieces below.

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