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48" W x 18" H x 12" D

Curly Spalted Maple, Walnut, Copper

Edition of 8. Our five-legged bench is a juxtaposition of dark with light. The substantiality of the bench top is softened with elegant hand-cut bevels on both the top and bottom of each corner. Through-cut Black Walnut legs, wedged with a sliver of blonde Maple, pick out the ambling lines of near-black spalting which cross the mesmerizing curly pattern of this Maple’s grain. Each of the five hand-turned and tapered legs is capped with a bright copper foot. The piece receives multiple coats of a clear, high durability citrus-based Tung oil finish.


This bench is made to order. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for completion.


Acer. One day a man went out into his Pennsylvania forest and planted a tree. A Maple. One day that man’s grandson, in an effort to promote good stewardship of his family’s land, felled that same tree. She was past her prime with signs of decay setting into the golden waves just hinted at beneath her thick hide of bark—those selfsame signs are the beautiful streaks of near-black which dance along this Maple’s curling grain. She wouldn’t be the same tree without these age lines, and she couldn’t have stood sentinel in her Pennsylvania forest with them.

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